Ultimate system

The Ultimate II Console has all the features of the Premier Console, flash-board
lus a lO-year programmable memory feature allows seven different organizations
to customize and store up to 64 patterns each (for a total of 448 patterns).
The Bingo Machine measures 55″ long by 24″ wide by 33.5″ high.



Flash boards feature:

  • Easy-to-read numbers
  • Last Ball Called Flashes
  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • Self functions
  • Cool,long-burning bulbs
  • Sliding Plexiglas panels for easy access to bulbs and circuitry
  • Daisy-chainable design for multiple flashboard use
  • Size 28 112″ by 133″ long by 6″ wide

Console Only $3850.00
Console & Complete Flashboard $6500.00
Backed by a 2 year Warranty
**Free Shipping!**