Stealth Designer

This console is out most sophisticated bingo verification system.
Fully computerized, the console offers the highest standards in design,
technology, and east of operation. Developed to be user-friendly,
the advanced software allows the system to operate virtually on its own.


The Stealth Console features:

  • 15″ LCD Touch-Screen technology
  • Built-in camera and full-color display show caller all pertinent game info
  • Virtually unlimited programming ability
  • Programmable ball timer, with both visible and audible signals
  • Built-in test for flashboards and test pattern for hall monitors
  • Extended library of programmed patterns, including fixed and rotating combination patterns
  • Expanded library of programmed patterns for favorite games
  • Built-in RF modulator
  • Calculation of prize amounts for multiple winners
  • Optional voice-activated ball
  • Dimensions: 63-3/4″ long x 23-1/2″ deep x 35″ high

Console Only $7500.00
Console & Complete Flashboard $10000.00
Backed by a 2 year Warranty
**Free Shipping!**